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Spring Checklist: How did your home hold up?

Spring Checklist Insurance

As the calendar turns to spring, it's time to judge how your property weathered the winter. This is a good time to make a "to-do" list to prevent property maintenance and liability issues.

Starting from the top:

Roof - Have a roofer check for lifting, curling or missing shingles, or shingles that have suffered granular loss. Remove any debris or built-up moss, as this can reduce your roof's life expectancy. Clean gutters of any leaves and debris.

Siding and gutters - Repair any damaged or loose siding; replace any damaged gutters and fascia.

Windows - Replace and reglaze any windows that may have been broken or lost their seal over the cold winter months. These repairs can also help keep air conditioning costs lower in warm months. Check caulking around windows, basement window wells and other areas where water may seep in.

Trampolines - If you own a trampoline, you may want to call our office to make sure you are covered!

Swimming pools - Did you know some insurance companies don't cover pools? Make sure you are covered! Call us today.

Watercraft - If you bought a boat or other kind of watercraft, you will need to add it to your policy.

Foreign travel - If you are planning any foreign travel, you might want to consider special travel accident insurance.

BBQ Time - Our favorite, right? When you barbecue, make sure you keep the grill away from all structures to prevent unwanted fires.

Other equipment - Have your air conditioning serviced before the cooling season, and clean out your clothes dryer vent to prevent a common fire hazard. Replace worn caulking around faucets and inspect pipes to make sure everything is in working order. Check batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and in your sump pump.

*A safe home makes for happy homeowners....and an enjoyable spring!

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