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Insurance For Your Treasures!

Did you finally get engaged? Did you get those beautiful diamond earrings you have always wanted?

We all have things that we collect or buy that are totally worth the splurge - jewelry, firearms, artwork, musical instruments, collector items, golf equipment, and cameras, to name a few. We hope your valuable items are always protected, but we also understand life happens! If your property were stolen, would your supporting policy limits be high enough to replace everything?

"Protecting your treasures" Photos various valuables such as jewelry, laptops and a guitar in casual candid use.

Most homeowner's insurance policies have coverage for theft of certain items such as jewelry or guns, but it is not always enough. This is where a Personal Articles Floater or Inland Marine policy can be beneficial, as they offer higher coverage limits and additional causes of loss above and beyond what your homeowners, Mobile Homeowners or Farm policy may provide.

For example, if a standard homeowners policy has a limit on jewelry theft of $2,000 total for all jewelry, not per item, and someone breaks into your home and steals your wedding set valued at $10,000, the most the insurance company would pay is $2,000, unless you specifically listed each piece of jewelry and their value on your policy.

Have you or someone you know had a stone fall out of your ring and get lost? This is normally excluded on homeowners insurance policies, but if you list the ring under an Inland Marine or Personal Articles Floater, this loss could be covered.

Give us a call for peace of mind and protection for your most valuable possessions!


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