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Here's what a few of our Vacation Rental Clients have to say about working with Stockton-Hill Insurance....

Vacation Rental Insurance is our specialty. We have teamed up with top companies to develop a program for short-term rental property owners. Whether it's an individual who owns a single cabin, a lodge, or a business with many properties, weddings, and events, we can tailor a specific package to cover each particular need. 

Cherry ridge retreat

"Job well done by the team at Stockton-Hill Insurance. They take the time to analyze your exposure and provide cost effective solutions to minimize risk in the event of loss. My past experience with Property/Casualty insurance agents is that they mostly don't know what they are talking about - you think you are covered for something, but find out that you are not. Worse yet, most of us don't even know the right questions to ask of an agent, so we end up with "package" products that fall far short of providing the coverage we need. At Stockton-Hill they use a sophisticated questionnaire that covers all of the bases, so there is no chance of ending up with a void in coverage. My word to the wise is take the time to meet with these folks, as very quickly you will see the difference". 

-Greg G., Cherry Ridge Retreat

How to Avoid Commercial Insurance Pitfalls

6 Big Business Insurance Risks (and How to Mitigate Them)

Every business comes with a certain amount of risk. Although pitfalls and challenges can't be avoided, they can be mitigated with the proper precautions, planning and insurance coverage. Insurance and legal experts shared their thoughts on today's biggest insurance risks for business owners, and what you can do to protect yourself against them. 

Don't allow your business to fall into these common coverage gaps.

"With the daily grind of project management, subcontractors, and employees, many entrepreneurs simply do not have the time to consider which commercial insurance is best for their business. This is especially true given all of the, often contradictory, information available online. In many ways, it's next to impossible to know "who you can trust". 

Workers Comp 101

Even though you take steps to keep your employees safe from workplace accidents and illnesses, the unpredictable sometimes happens. When it does, Workers Compensation insurance can provide benefits to your employees and help protect your business financially. Nearly all states require you to carry it, so here's what you need to know about this important coverage: