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Here's what a few of our Vacation Rental Clients have to say about working with Stockton-Hill Insurance....

Vacation Rental Insurance is our specialty. We have teamed up with top companies to develop a program for short-term rental property owners. Whether it's an individual who owns a single cabin, a lodge, or a business with many properties, weddings, and events, we can tailor a specific package to cover each particular need. 

Cherry ridge retreat

"Job well done by the team at Stockton-Hill Insurance. They take the time to analyze your exposure and provide cost effective solutions to minimize risk in the event of loss. My past experience with Property/Casualty insurance agents is that they mostly don't know what they are talking about - you think you are covered for something, but find out that you are not. Worse yet, most of us don't even know the right questions to ask of an agent, so we end up with "package" products that fall far short of providing the coverage we need. At Stockton-Hill they use a sophisticated questionnaire that covers all of the bases, so there is no chance of ending up with a void in coverage. My word to the wise is take the time to meet with these folks, as very quickly you will see the difference". 

-Greg G., Cherry Ridge Retreat


As we face the COVID-19 pandemic together, please know our deepest and heartfelt thoughts are with all of our business partners, families, and communities. Even if we aren't your agent, please know we're here to help!


We've received many inquiries from our business owners on coverages and potential claims resulting from business operation alteration and shutdown. While coverage language frequently varies depending on the insurer, the following is a generalized description for coverage forms pertaining to this topic:

Business Income:

Business Income coverage forms and endorsements cover loss of income when operations are suspended, but that suspension must be caused by direct physical loss or damage to a covered property. Additionally, the loss or damage must be caused by or result from a Covered Cause of Loss. Viruses and bacteria are excluded causes of loss on these forms, so coverage will most likely not be available under your policies. 

Civil Authority:

Civil Authority applies only when there's damage to property other than the described premises that prevents access to the insured property. A civil authority's shutdown of business operations would most likely not be considered property damage. Without property damage, the coverage forms would likely not respond.


Virus and Bacteria Exclusion:


Policies generally exclude coverage for contamination and pollution and usually include the words "bacteria" and "virus" in these provisions. 


Although we believe the current situation we face is unlikely to support most claims under most policy forms, we encourage you to contact us or your carrier claims department to file a claim or to ask any claims-related questions.  

Potential Solutions:

As of right now, we have not received confirmation that relief will be made available to business owners. However, we've heard of a few possibilities that could be considered:

-Relief from resources such as F.E.M.A. or other emergency assistance programs. 

-Courts could require insurance companies to extend coverage even if the language specifically excludes coverage. 

-Attorney's will be hired by large companies to fight this and they may find ambiguities that could reveal a path to coverage. 

Although these are most likely distant realities, it may be a good idea to document all information on losses and potential losses, while it is still fresh and easily accessed. 

We will continue our attempts to stay ahead of this, and update you on important information, should it become available. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions! 

Workers Comp 101

Even though you take steps to keep your employees safe from workplace accidents and illnesses, the unpredictable sometimes happens. When it does, Workers Compensation insurance can provide benefits to your employees and help protect your business financially. Nearly all states require you to carry it, so here's what you need to know about this important coverage:

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