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Cabin/Vacation Rental Insurance

We specialize in vacation rental insurance, and have teamed up with top companies to develop a program for short-term rental property owners. Whether it's an individual who owns a single cabin, a lodge, or a business with many properties, weddings, and events, we can tailor a specific package to cover each particular need. 

Checkout a few of our specialty clients below! 

"Job well done by the team at Stockton-Hill Insurance. They take the time to analyze your exposure and provide cost effective solutions to minimize risk in the event of loss. My past experience with Property/Casualty insurance agents is that they mostly don't know what they are talking about - you think you are covered for something, but find out that you are not. Worse yet, most of us don't even know the right questions to ask of an agent, so we end up with "package" products that fall far short of providing the coverage we need. At Stockton-Hill they use a sophisticated questionnaire that covers all of the bases, so there is no chance of ending up with a void in coverage. My word to the wise is take the time to meet with these folks, as very quickly you will see the difference". 

-Greg G., Cherry Ridge Retreat



"At first I was not looking forward to changing insurance companies after being with the same company for 15 years and having 14 cabin rentals, two wedding venues and also a farm. After meeting with Gabe & Brandon the change was so easy and it saved us a lot of money. They go through every property and make sure we are covered with the right amount of insurance. I highly recommend having them give you a quote and to check to make sure your current insurance policy has you covered correctly. Great people to work with, and always there when you call!".

-Karen T., Valley View Cabins



"We have been working with Brandon Hill and the rest of the Stockton-Hill team since 2016 for commercial insurance needs for our cabin rental business in the Hocking Hills. We have been more than pleased with the level of service and professionalism we have received from everyone at the agency. In a business like ours, insurance can get quite complicated. Brandon's expertise and willingness to take the time to get to know our business allowed for him to find us more complete coverage at a better premium than we had prior to working with Stockton-Hill. He even offered to evaluate our personal home and auto coverages and again found us better coverage while savings us money. The advice and recommendations we've gotten for all of our insurance needs have been spot on. Thank you Stockton-Hill!". 

-Ron B., Nature's Pointe Cabins 




"I didn't even know our business had insurance problems, so I'm very thankful Brandon reached out to me. It was totally no-pressure, in fact we deferred talking for a few months until one of our commercial policies was close to renewal time. Brandon followed-up with us again at that time and we got the ball rolling. He spent a ton of time with me very patiently evaluating our needs and going over our existing policies/coverage. I was shocked to learn how UNDER-insured we were. Brandon was able to consolidate everything onto one policy and provide vastly better coverage for basically the same price we were paying before. He was also extremely open & honest about everything, and even made suggestions for improving our auto insurance which isn't even through his company. I would strongly recommend Stockton-Hill Insurance, and encourage anyone to call them for a comprehensive insurance evaluation."

-Dave M., Carefree Cabins