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August 19, 2020

You need insurance. We all do. In some cases it's required by law, in others it's required by the unwritten code of being a responsible adult that owns things. So, what's the best way to buy it? 

Online or with an agent?

What kind of agent - independent or captive? 

Oh, a...

January 8, 2020

It's a brand-new year, filled with brand-new goals! If you're like most Americans, you're probably hoping to save more money in 2020. NerdWallet came up with 17 tips for how to save money on every day and monthly expenses. Plus, they included tips on setting aside fund...

December 1, 2019

Life insurance is not fun to talk about, and it’s typically not a process everyone enjoys.

However, much like death and taxes, buying life insurance is an essential part of life and a crucial element of sound financial planning. Most everyone is aware that they need lif...

October 13, 2019

Soon, ghouls, goblins and Elsa will be at your front door. Are you prepared? We aren’t talking candy-bought, decorations-up prepared. We mean, what happens if Eleven from Stranger Things breaks her arm or your house is egged? Are you covered for that? Or will a night o...

September 14, 2019

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month! A Nonprofit Organization, Life Happens. has a ton of useful information about life insurance. Here's what they suggest regarding single people and life insurance:

Many people make the assumption that life insurance is for mar...

August 14, 2019

People bundle things all the time in order to save money. Just look at what you do whenever you go through a fast food drive-through, or when you're looking through cable and internet packages. Instead of buying a burger, fries, and a drink individually, you bundle the...

Don't Allow Your Business to Fall into these Common Coverage Gaps

With the daily grind of project management, subcontractors, and employees, many entrepreneurs simply do not have the time to consider which commercial insurance is best for their business. This is especia...

April 17, 2019

As the calendar turns to spring, it's time to judge how your property weathered the winter. This is a good time to make a "to-do" list to prevent property maintenance and liability issues. 

Starting from the top:

Roof - Have a roofer check for lifting, curling or missing...

October 25, 2018

Lets be honest, before I started working in the insurance world, I had no idea how valuable Independent Insurance Agents were. In the past, I did some searching on the internet and quoted myself, or called the company directly to change my insurance plan. Little did I...

October 25, 2018

 In today's economy, everyone is trying to cut cost and save money. Why would I want to add another insurance policy? Shouldn't my home and auto policy be enough? Unfortunately, not in the world we live in today. We live in a very litigious country where large lawsuits...

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